Dear Reader,

Imagine wars that took away your electricity, your water, your home, your
parents, and left you with nothing. It wasn’t your war, nor your fault. You
are a child, or an innocent woman, or an innocent man in Liberia, West Africa.

Liberia and America are tightly linked. Liberia was founded by freed slaves from the United States. The nation’s motto is “The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here,” They have a Constitution, based on our own. They have been at peace for ten years now, and never want war again.

Trusted Angels Foundation is a combined effort of caring people who seek to create wealth and thus beat back the poverty caused by 15-years of war in Liberia. Trusted Angels works on the ground in Liberia to support, develop and advise individual people — empowering women, educating children, assisting energetic entrepreneurs, and providing basic medical care. We do so with our eyes open to real economic issues, with a mindset of free-thinking and free-markets, and with a recognition based on experience that spirituality is everywhere evident in Liberia.

Please join us in supporting Trusted Angels Foundation. Your money will be used wisely, economically, and thoughtfully. It is tax deductible, and it will have impact.

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John splits any profits with Trusted Angels Foundation, Campaign for Liberty, and other carefully selected foundations.

Thank you,