Liberty.ME !!!

This video is so wonderful to watch, a 2 minute clip from my happy and always optimistic publisher friend Jeffrey Tucker about Liberty.Me.  Jeffrey is an engaging, brilliant, happy man and a great guy to bring so many people together.

Please watch the Video.

Jeffrey knows that Liberty is FUN, and Politics and Government are BORING and CONTROLLING.

Liberty.Me is starting an Indigogo crowd funding campaign. Please support it.

Oh, and I have the pleasure of writing medical commentary for Liberty.Me… Including a guide to how to obtain affordable healthcare OUTSIDE of the insane system that our government has crafted for us so childishly.

Pursue Happiness!!!! Join or at least follow Liberty.Me.  Thank you for considering.

John Hunt, MD is the author of Assume the Physician, a laugh-a-minute novel about the hilarity of the evil medical system.

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