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Requiem For The Bounty

Hurricane Sandy killed the Bounty two days ago, off the coast of North Carolina. It also killed crewmember Claudene Christian, a descendant of Fletcher Christian. The captain of the Bounty is missing, and that is unlikely to have a good … Continue reading

Have you switched political party this year? Goldman Sachs has.

When was the last time that over 50% of your colleagues and friends so massively changed their core values that they entirely switched the political party that they support? For that matter, how many people do you know who have … Continue reading

Medical Definition: “QWERTYITIS”

“QWERTYITIS”  – what a patient suffers from when their doctor spends more time looking at the computer screen than at the patient, and performs the entire physical exam on the keyboard.  It is a severe side effect of the Electronic … Continue reading

ASSUME THE PHYSICIAN Paperbound book version now available

Purchase ASSUME THE PHYSICIAN in print version here on the website, or at Amazon. If bought here, more revenue gets directed to charity (the money that Amazon would get instead goes to orphans and women and entrepreneurs in Liberia. Continue reading


When I was a medical student and resident, “House of God,” by Samuel Shem was
such an important book for so many of us, demystifying medicine in many ways.
Many of the issues presented in House of God remain entirely relevant today,
but there are numerous new concerns that we all should have about our health
care systems–both in the United States and abroad–that I felt were crying for
satirical treatment, at least as much as I was crying while mourning for the health of Americans. Continue reading

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